Please note: we are now offering Home visits, "Online" (Telehealth) Therapy and "Walk (or sit) (outside) & Talk" therapy. Please talk with us for further details.

Liz Angel Consultancy is a psychology practice which provides therapy using a tailored, creative and integrative approach. Our services combine psychology, arts and nature.

Life holds meaning for each and every individual, and even more, it retains this meaning literally to his last breath...Even the tragic and negative aspects of life, such as unavoidable suffering, can be turned into a human achievement by the attitude a man adopts toward his predicament...transforming despair into triumph.
Viktor Frankl, The Will to Meaning (1969)

Liz Angel Consultancy is built on our core values of individual worth, professional excellence, and personal meaning. At LAC we believe that every person has the capacity for change. Because one size doesn’t fit all, we offer a person-centered, practical and passionate approach to facilitate powerful changes in people. We are able to challenge thinking habits as well as excite and inspire people to live a joyful and meaningful life.

We provide accessible care to a diverse client group for all ages and needs, including: depression and anxiety, trauma; grief and bereavement; special needs/disability (assessment and support); dementia care and more…